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You can earn for promoting entrepreneurship, enhancing access to employment, facilitating collectivization and market access for leveraging government schemes, and enabling access to entitlements. Support youth empowerment through mentoring and business advisory support. Enhancing access to employment - Strengthen the employment ecosystem for enhanced access to Jobs through building soft skills of youth and organizing employer-employee interface to facilitate job placement. Build and maintain strong working relationships with start-ups, entrepreneurs, mentors, universities, research institutions, industry experts, associations, chambers of commerce & industries, state & central government, and angel investors. Develop and execute a strategy for outreach, recruit, attracting, onboarding qualified innovative entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Provide high-quality coaching and advisory support to entrepreneurs. Qualify and evaluate applicants for creativity, innovation, acceleration, and investment stage. Provide support to entrepreneurs across ideation, acceleration, investment, and scale-up stage. Ensure tight management of milestones and progress of entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Support start-ups for fundraising activity. Develop, execute, and own an operational strategy for the entire group of people including donors, startups, investors, corporates, mentors, advisors, and domain experts. Provide continued strategic guidance to entrepreneurs in areas such as business modeling, marketing, financing, fundraising, and operations.


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